Living with a local family


A home stay with a local family is recommended for people who want to learn the quickest. Living with a family you get to practice what you have learned in class. You get over your fear of trying to speak Spanish and you learn to communicate with whatever words and grammar you already know. A home stay is probably the most important element in becoming fluent.


Living with a family is very economical, certainly far less than paying for a hotel (minimum $5 a day) and eating out ($4-$10 a meal). This includes seven days of the room and six days with three meals a day. The woman of the house gets Sunday off. (I personally am so grateful to the family I stay with that to say thank you I take the whole family out to a restaurant for dinner so that the woman has a night off.) The families are used to having vegan and vegetarian students.


The homestay cost is $100 per person per week. 7 nights of stay; 6 days of 3 meals daily. The total for both classes and the homestay is $245 per person per week.


Students who prefer not to do a home stay are responsible for arranging their own lodging. There are many hotels and a hostel in San Pedro. Additionally many situations are available via Airbnb.