Casa Rosario Spanish School offers instruction in Spanish for the following levels:

Absolute Beginner




Very Advanced.


All students have their own individual private teacher.


Classes are four hours daily Monday – Friday
Mornings (8:00a.m.—12:00p.m.) or

Afternoons (2:00pm—6:00p.m.)


The price per person per week for classes is $145. Each additional hour daily (above the basic 4 hours) are $36.25 per week. More than six hours of class a day  is not recommended.


Lodging with a local family is extra (See Lodging for details).

The total cost for both classes and a homestay with a family is $245 per person per week.


Class typically start on Monday. If you arrive during the week, Casa Rosario will start you when you arrive, but you will probably need to make up the missed classes to get on a M-F schedule. Missed classes can be made up at times convenient to both you and your teacher, either two sessions daily or on weekends.