. Clemente's parents are both dead, and he is living with his aunt. His aunt's family barely has enough money for her children, so without the Vision Maya program, Clemente would have dropped out of school.
  Casa Rosario's Vision Maya program provides scholarships for children who would drop out of school because of their family's financial situation. The family of each student is carefully screened to make sure that they are among the neediest in the community, and that they actually do not have the resources to pay for schooling. Casa Rosario contributes funds and time to the Vision Maya program, but the success of the program relies on contributions of other people. Even a contribution of $20 can make a huge difference in a child’s life. Unlike most charities, 100% of all contributions goes directly to pay for the education of the most disadvantaged children. Casa Rosario and Arte Maya Tz’utuhil pay for all the operating costs. The children meet monthly to keep them inspired and on track, and they collectively decide on a project to give something back to the local community.

I wish to sponsor a child for one month for $20

I wish to sponsor a child for six months for $120 ($20 per month)

I wish to sponsor a child for one year for $240 ($20 per month)

  This woman's son Samuel was studying in Xela, a town about 3 hours away by bus, when I visited the family. He graduated from high school later the same year (2013) and is now enrolled in a university studying to be an architect.
  Two cousins who as a result of the Vision Maya scholarships were the first in their families to graduate from high school. Both of them would have had to drop out of school without the help of Vision Maya.

Graduating from high school gives women options they did not previously have including the option of independence if their marriage does not work out.

  A young man stands in front of the adobe house of his family. Most adobe houses in San Pedro la Laguna have been replaced by multi story houses built of concrete block. Only the poorest families still live in adobe houses. He would have dropped out of school, but Vision Maya provided him with the money needed to finish high school . He was the first in his family to graduate.
  A single mother who graduated as a result of Vision Maya. Her diploma gave her the advantage she needed to get a job that pays enough for her to support her daughter.
  A single mom, abandoned by the father of her children, who now works and at the same time has returned to school to get her high school degree. A partial scholarship by Vision Maya cover the part of  her school expenses so that she can still provide for her children while going to school. Graduating will give her the ability to get a job and support her children. Women in her situation often cannot earn enough to support her family. Their only options are to live in abject poverty or stay with an abusive marriage.
This woman was so grateful for the help that the Vision Maya program had given her son that she insisted we come back in the evening when her husband would be there. They were very poor campesinos and their eyesight was now failing. Her son had graduated from high school. He was the first person in his family to finish high school. As a result he was able to get a job, and had decided to go to the ...university in Guatemala City. He was sure that he could find enough work in the city now with his degree that he could pay for the university himself. When we arrived in the evening both the woman and her husband each spoke at length expressing how grateful they were, how their son could never have finished school without us, and how blessed they were that God had sent us to help. I was moved to tears by their sincerety and humility. To show their appreciation, they gave us each a soda and two pieces of Wonder bread.
  The woman is blind, and her campesino husband's eyesight is failing. She has a very small store, part of a room in her house, that sells a variety of things. It is on a callejon, a path, that is the steepest in San Pedro. It is unlikely that anyone other than her nearest neighbors frequent the store. Vision Maya provided a scholarship so that her son graduated from high school the last year. He was the first in family to graduate.
. Like many youth in the Vision Maya program, these two young men were the first in their families to graduate from high school.


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