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Hotel Valle Azul, one of the larger hotels in San Pedro, overlooks a small lagoon off of Lake Atitlán. It is situated close to the main dock but on a quiet unpaved road easily accessible by automobile or by foot. There is a restaurant which is part of the hotel. The hotel offers spectacular views of the lake.
. Price per night:
with a Private Bath:
  • 1 person .... 50 quetzales (about $6.50)
  • 2 people .... 80 quetzales (about $10.50)

Rooms with Communal Bath:

  • 1 person .... 25 quetzales ( about $3.25)
  • 2 people .... 40 quetzales ( about $5.25)
  • 3 people .... 60 quetzales ( about $8)

Telephone: (502) 721-8152
Cell: (502) 499-2797

José Cajchúm Cotúc like many Mayan men of his generation clearly feels more comfortable speaking in Tz'utuhil than in Spanish. You will, however,  find him very hospitable and accommodating. He tells me to be sure and mention that there is a communal television area and a small area where people can cook simple meals. There is hot water 24 hours a day.
  Shaded by willow trees and just down the hill below the hotel, the restaurant offers a cool shady spot to lunch during the mid-day heat. It overlooks the lagoon where one can watch women washing clothes while young boys swim. Directly in front in the lagoon there is a government project to restock fish in the lake. For a few Quetzales one can fish in the tanks there.
  Manuel Ta ] Nahual Maya ] Sak'cari ] Tepepul Kaan ] Tika'aaj ] [ Valle Azul ] Villa Sol ]

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