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If you have to spend the night in Guatemala City, we have a few suggestions about places to stay. 

If this is your first time in Guatemala, you are unsure of your Spanish speaking skills or you are a woman traveling alone we highly recommend Hostal Los Volcanes. You can reserve a room on-line, they will pick you up at the airport, and the next morning they will connect you with the correct transportation to get to Antigua where it is easy to get a direct van to San Pedro. They are clean, safe and not terribly expensive (about $20) and within walking distance of the airport. Telephone (502) 2261-3040.

The other hotels we recommend are in the center of the city, Zona 1, and you will get a real feel for the city if you stay at one of them. Although the bus stops in front of the airport, unless you know your way around Guatemala City we advise a taxi to wherever you will be staying. The ride from the airport to any Hotel in Zona 1 should amount to no more than about 40 quetzales (about $6). 
This map shows the central part of Guatemala City. The map is marked with four good hotels, several visual landmarks, and a market for traditional crafts. I prefer to stay in this part of the city because one can easily walk to many places. If you are relatively careful it is safe.
Hotel Pan American: This is the good old hotel. It has an extensive collection of the Mayan traje [traditional dress] which is exhibited on the walls. The employees all wear traje from different towns. The restaurant is one of the best in town and features a pianist every evening. Employees at the desk speak good English and can help you arrange the rest of your trip. If your room is on the side of the hotel near the park, you will wake up to a symphony of hundreds of exotic bird songs in the morning. There are now many much more expensive modern hotels in Zone 10, but at about $45 a person a night this one beats them all. 
. 9a Calle 5-63, Zona 1, Guatemala City,
502 232-6807         Fax 502 232 6402
email info@hotelpanamerican.com
. Both the Hotel Chalet Suizo and the Hotel Colonial are good hotels with hot water and a restaurant. They are around the corner from each other. The Chalet Suizo additionally has parking. I believe they run about $30 a night.
. Hotel Colonial
7a. Avenida 14-19, Zona 1
Tel: 011-502 232-6722 Fax: 232-8671

Hotel Chalet Suizo
14 Calle 6-82, Zona 1
Tel: 011-502 251-3786 Fax: 232-0429
The Spring Hotel: This Hotel which is beyond the arch of the post office [photo left] and around the corner to the right, is the hotel where many peace corps workers stay. They offer some dormitory style rooms so it is quite economical for a group of friends. At about $10 a night for a single room it is the most economical. It is located on 8 Avenida between 12a and 13a Calles.
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