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. Is there room for me for next week (in two weeks, in a month, in two months)?

Yes. Many new students at Casa Rosario just arrive at the school without a reservation. These are the people who will be disappointed when the school is full, not the people who register in advance on this website. If you register via the website, your space is guaranteed.

. I am traveling with my boyfriend (girlfriend, husband, daughter). Can we share a room with the same family?

You will probably learn to speak Spanish better if you live with separate families (because you won't be tempted to have the other person to speak for you) but Casa Rosario will be happy to place you with the same family.

  What are the prices for a week of classes, four hours a day for five days?

For classes only it is $80 a week per person, and for your own room living with a family with three meals a day for six days (seven days of residence) it is $140 a week per person.

  I won't be arriving in San Pedro until Wednesday (or Thursday). Can I start classes then or do I have to wait until Monday?

Casa Rosario will always try to accommodate your schedule, however it is preferable if you can start classes on a Monday. This schedule is for the benefit of the teachers. If a student comes and studies five days from one Wednesday to the next Tuesday, the teacher gets only one week of pay during a two week period. One solution is to study for the odd days in the first week plus a full 5 day week the next week. Another solution is to arrange your time in Guatemala so that you can begin on a Monday. If you miss a day or two, you can also arrange with your teacher to make up the sessions on the weekend or at another time of the day.

  Does the school have internet access?

No, but there are lots of high speed internet cafés in San Pedro. The price is about $1 an hour.

  Is it safe to bring my computer or camera?

Your computer/camera should be safe with the families, the school and San Pedro hotels. Guatemala, especially Guatemala City, is not safe and many electronic items have been stolen on the chicken buses by gangs of robbers working in unison. You usually will not realized you have been robbed until you reach your destination. I recommend you don't bring what you can't afford to lose.

. Can I be placed with a family and have my own bathroom?

There is one family that has private bathrooms, but there is an small additional cost (the family invested a lot to get the extra bathroom for students). They can also give families living together separate rooms. Living with a family helps you get over the fear of making mistakes, and this is one of the biggest obstacles to you being able to speak Spanish.

. How do I get to San Pedro from the airport?

You take a tourist van from the airport to Antigua Guatemala, and from there you take the daily 1:30p.m. I recommend getting the tourist van to San Pedro la Laguna at Yellow House, Casa Amarillo. Complete instructions including maps of San Pedro are in the Travel Tips section.

. My plane arrives in the evening and I need to spend the night in Guatemala City. Where do you recommend I stay in Guatemala City?

Hostal los Volcanes is near the airport and has a website. You can make a reservation with them and they will be waiting for you at the airport when your plane arrives. They speak some English and will get you put on the right van in the morning.

  How do I find the school when I get to San Pedro?

If you are coming in the tourist van, have them drop you off at the school. If they cannot, hire a tuctuc (a small three wheeled taxi) to take you there. It should cost 5 quetzales. If you speak a little Spanish, you could telephone Vicente, one of the directors, and he will come to pick you up or get someone to meet you. His cell phone number is 5613-6401.

  Is there a laundromat in San Pedro?

There is a laundry with automatic machines where you can drop off your clothes and have them done in an hour. I suggest, however, that you find a local woman to do your wash for you. It is one of the ways that women can earn their own money. If you are living with a family, the woman of the house is usually happy to do your laudry for a few quetzales.

  Are there some gifts I can bring for my family?

It is the woman of the house who does the most work for the students. I suggest taking her and the family out to dinner in one of the local restaurants. It is something the local families don't do often, and it is something you don't have to carry with you in your luggage. It gives the woman of the house a rest from preparing a meal for her family.

. I am planning on staying one month (two months, four months). Is there a discount for staying longer?

No, San Pedro is the cheapest place in Guatemala to study Spanish, and Casa Rosario has kept the overhead to a minimum. Everybody receives the same discount whether they stay one week or ten weeks.

  My girlfriend and I want to share the same teacher. Is there a discount for this?

Yes, there is a $10 discount per person in the price, however, I strongly discourage choosing this option. The savings is minimal and not worth what will be lost in terms of learning. From experience I know that one person always is quicker at learning. It is the person who is slower at learning who will be harmed by choosing this option. That person will tend to let his/her partner speak for him.

  I want to volunteer or work on a project while I am studying at the school. Can you tell me what are my volunteer options? Can you arrange for me to help a specific program before I arrive?

The volunteer options are constantly changing in San Pedro la Laguna and the nearby towns of San Juan la Laguna, and San Pablo la Laguna. Common possibilities include teaching English, working in health care, and helping women. Rising Minds, an NGO near Casa Rosario, sets people up for all sorts of volunteer work. If you volunteer with them you will get a $10 a week refund from Casa Rosario.

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