Before Rising Minds existed, Casa Rosario had to find volunteer programs for students who wanted to help. Rising Minds has taken over that time consuming project, and assure volunteer of a much wider selection of worthwhile projects. Below is a letter from the director. It lists a number of types of projects. Not all of them may be available at the time of your visit, and some of them may be in communities that require a commute.  It is advisable, especially if your stay is just a week or two, to contact Rising Minds before you go so that an appropriate project can be ready for you when you arrive. The Rising Minds office is just a two minute walk from Casa Rosario.
  • Students who study at Casa Rosario and work a volunteer position through Rising Minds are eligible for a $10 per week discount (taken at the school).

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  Contact Information:

Guatemala phones: (502) 4854. 3841 & (502) 5620.5650 & (503) 4997-9727
International Skype Number: 978.633.7155



  Outline of Rising Minds mission and volunteer program:
  Rising Minds is a small, grassroots organization whose primary goal is to empower its team members. Our main objective when welcoming people to our team is to ensure that they are doing something that not only serves the organization and our mission, but also is something which they are passionate about, motivated to do, and feel empowered and equipped to accomplish.

Rising Minds Volunteer Program:

Our Mission:
We aim to inspire locally committed and globally active leaders through personalizing complex global issues, empowering proactive change-makers, and facilitating contextualized educational outreach. We partner with locally founded and run community partnerships such as cooperatives, educational programs and government sectors. Our community partners solicit our help to address economic, educational and technical gaps within their programs. Together we collaborate to support equitable, empowering and sustainable development.

Our Volunteer Program:
Rising Minds offers a variety of volunteer opportunities around Lake Atitlan – ranging from sustainable construction projects to teaching English, and beyond. Rising Minds highly values volunteers’ interests, passions, and skills by creating a space for them to personalize their role. Our volunteer program is aimed at providing cross-cultural dialog, supporting local communities, and empowering both Guatemalans and visitors so as to address social, economic, and environmental needs.
Current projects and ways for volunteers to get involved:
Health and Nutrition Programs
Volunteering in an elderly center
Teaching English in a classroom
Assisting in a day care program
Sustainable Construction Projects
: Tire playgrounds and Bottle schools
Gardening and Seed Saving
And more based on the needs of the communities!

Becoming a part of a local team’s efforts...

While Rising Minds volunteer program, by and large, aims to personalize involvement through our Mano y Mano and Paso y Paso programs, we also recognize that many people are interested in supporting our partner programs by simply being an extra set of hands. Our Apoyo program provides an opportunity for volunteers to help out with already existing programs and activities.

Mano y Mano Projects
Volunteer designed projects shared at service site...

Aimed to empower volunteers and personalize their role, Mano y Mano projects are individually designed activities that volunteers share at their service site. Volunteers in the creation of their Mano y Mano project through a one-on-one meeting with our volunteer coordinator and step-by-step support.

Paso y Paso Projects
Outlined projects based on partner-identified needs...

Paso y Paso translated in English means “step-by-step.” , and our paso y paso projects are just that– a step. They are a piece of larger projects. We provide one page snapshot outlines of projects that volunteers can review, and chose the one that resonates the most with them. Every volunteer comes with their own unique set of skills and interests. Paso y Paso projects provide volunteers with opportunities to help address needs that our partner organizations have presented or that exist within our small grassroots organization. These projects assure that each volunteer is able to find a placement for their unique skills.

We also offer cultural immersion workshops in San Juan and can coordinate those with students.

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For questions and answers in English call me in San Francisco, California at (415) 282-7654 (I will be away from December 25 to January .) or email me at .

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