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  Volunteer Activities: Many people spending time in Guatemala want to spend part of their time helping the Maya people. This page gives you some idea of the options available. Volunteer opportunities are now handled by Rising Minds because they do a better job than any school has the time to do. If you are just coming for a short time, a week or two, it is advisable to set up your volunteer program in advance.
  Free or Cheap Activities: These are activities that are available to students of Casa Rosario for free, or nearby trips that have a minimal additional cost for transportation. The Free Activities page has a more activities listed including the following sub-pages.

[San Pedro] [Visiting San Juan la Laguna] [Exhibition of Traje]

Activities with Additional Cost: These activities include classes that have an additional cost for supplies, or trips where the transportation is more costly. There are sub-pages for some of the more popular activities. The directors of the school know many festivals and sites that are not in the guide books.

[Weaving Classes] [Visitting Santiago Atitlán] [Visiting Chichicastenango]


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